For the 78th anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge, the Bastogne War Museum welcomes you to commemorate the sacrifices made by the men and women who fought for our freedom.

The NUTS WEEKEND 2022 will take place on 9, 10 and 11th December 2022 at the Bastogne War Museum.

Discover the program below!

Please note: the activities are free to access but a ticket is required to visit the museum.

DAY 1 – FRIDAY 09/12/2022

  • 3pm to 4.30pm | Meet & Greet with 3 veterans 
    • Ray Wallace (82nd Airborne Division)
    • Bennet Stamples (86th Infantry Division)
    • Bob Izumi (101st Airborne Division)
  • 3pm to 6pm Autograph session by authors from the Casterman editions
    • Philippe Jarbinet ("Airborne 44")
    • Olivier Weinberg ("Les reportages de Lefranc")
    • Pierre Legein ("Waterloo - Les Uniformes de l'Armée Francaise")
    • Christer Bergström ("The Ardennes")
  • All day long | Demo of the "Enigma" machine

DAY 2 – SATURDAY 10/12/2022

  • 2 pm | Conference on the Enigma machine (its functionning and its history) by Edmond Kern, owner of the machine
  • All day long | Demo of the “Enigma” machine 
  • All day long | Military reenactments with tents and military vehicles (Indian Head)
  • All day long | Demo of medical interventions (US medic)
  • All day long | Fair of books and historical documents
  • During the day | Autograph sessions from authors:
    • Willy Vassaux
    • Peter Schrijvers ("Those who hold Bastogne - Bastogne de grootste slag om de Ardennen")
    • Michiel Janzens ("Het vierde Rijk")
    • Jos Groen ("Three of the last WW2 Screaming Eagles")
    • Roger Marquet ("Pièges pour un Tankiste")
    • Yannick Verberckmoes ("De laatste getuige")
    • Philippe Gruslin ("Le sceau sanglant de l'infanterie")
    • Pascal Heyden
    • Vera Van Renterghem ("Oscar cook vreemde gebeurtenissen")
    • Carole Graux

DAY 3 – SUNDAY 11/12/2022

  • Opening of Eyewitness: Portraits of American sacrifice
  • From 10amMusical Animation from the 1940s by Swing Field Unit ETO (US Reenactment Group Band 16th Inf. Reg, 1th Div., USO band)
  • 10am to 1pm | Signing session with Yves Moerman en Véronique Sapin ("Athos La traque des collaborateurs belges à la solde des Nazis")
  • 10am - 12pm | Meet & Greet with David Marshall (84th Infantry Division)
  • 12pm to 2pm | Meet & Greet with Vince Speranza for his last visit in Bastogne
  • 2pm to 4pm | Signing session of the book The Rifle with five veterans:
    • John Burke (97th Infantry Division)
    • Ed Cottrell (48th Fighter Group, 9th Air Force)
    • Bob Moran (2nd Infantry Division)
    • Cletis Bailey (84th Infantry Division)
    • Harper Coleman (4th Infantry Division)
  • During the day (time to be determined) | Presence of Chris Langlois (grandson of Doc Roe from the Easy Company)
  • All morning | Military reenactments with tents and military vehicles (Indian Head)
  • All day long | Demo of medical interventions (US medic)
  • All day long | Demo of the “Enigma” machine