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Just a stone's throw from the Mardasson, the Bastogne War Museum brings you into the turmoil of the Second World War and the Battle of the Bulge through three visit experiences.

Bastogne War Museum

Located close to the famous Mardasson Memorial, the Bastogne War Museum is the principal memorial dedicated to the Second World War in the Ardennes and Belgium. It offers a particular emphasis on the Battle of the Bulge.

The route through the exhibition is punctuated with interactive terminals designed for school students and young people. Guided activities on various themes are available on reservation. Some objects are chosen for their ability to demonstrate the « small » history of the individual while also demonstrating the « great » history of a people.

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Discover "Generations45", the immersive visit experience of the Bastogne War Museum.

Follow the paths of an American and a German veteran after the war. The personal stories of these two men plunge you into the history of Europe from 1945 to 1989, from the ruins of Bastogne to the Berlin Wall. Finish your visit by observing the life-size replica of an American P51 Mustang fighter.




Discover the remnants of the Bois Jacques battlefield through an augmented reality mobile application.

Thanks to this immersive experience, share the daily life of Easy Company's G.I.'s living underground in the foxholes.

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bistrot de la paix

The Bastogne War Museum includes the Bistrot de la Paix, open during the museum opening hours. With an elegant view on the Mardasson Museum, it’s an ideal location for a gourmet meal or simply a light lunch. In fine weather, the spacious sun-filled terrace is a pleasure.


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Pick up a souvenir of your visit in the museum giftshop!

The Bastogne War Museum contains a bookshop dedicated to books and souvenirs on the theme of the Second World War and the Battle of the Bulge. Books in several languages are available: research works, novels, comics – there is something for everyone. The bookshop is the perfect opportunity to broaden your knowledge on the subject! The shop also offers a wide range of regional products and souvenirs, include textiles, jewellery and accessories. The shop is open during museum visiting hours.

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Your guides 

Experience your visit through the eyes of four protagonists of the Battle of the Bulge and discover the story of Bastogne and its inhabitants through their lives lived during the winter of 1944.

The audioguide allows you to follow the paths of these characters, never destined to meet if it weren’t for the events of 1944. Each character presents their own vision of the conflict, a story which is at times happy, at times sad. It’s an immersive experience that gives visitors the impression of an intimate relationship with each character. The characters are inspired by real facts and their stories later embellished with fiction. However, as with all the contents of the Bastogne War Museum, the stories have been verified by a committee of renowned researchers to best represent the reality of the times.

  • Emile Mostade

    Emile Mostade is 13 years old. He hails from Bastogne and his father runs a bike repair shop. The young Emile is a musician, his accordion never far from his hand.

  • Mathilde Devillers

    The second character we meet is Mathilde Devillers, a young teacher from Bastogne.

  • Hans Wegmüller

    Next we come across Hans Wegmüller. His accent marks him out as a German lieutenant, part of the 26th division of the Volksgrenadiere, the unit charged with taking control of Bastogne.

  • Robert Keane

    Finally, our fourth companion on this journey is Robert Keane, an American corporal of the 101st Airborne Division, the unit deployed to defend Bastogne. Positioned in the woods surrounding the city, he was witness to the front line of action, as was Hans Wegmüller.

Located close to the Bastogne War Museum, the Mardasson Museum sits on the hill that bears his name.

An initiative of the Belgo-American Association, it was inaugurated on 16th July, 1950 to an audience of 10,000 people, in the esteemed presence of General Anthony McAuliffe.

The museum was designed to honor the memory of the 76,890 American soldiers killed, wounded or missing during the Battle of the Bulge.

The architectural shape of the five-pointed star is a Belgian tribute to the American soldiers who participated in the Battle of the Bulge and the liberation of the region. On 4th July, 1946, on the day that the United States celebrate the Declaration of Independence, a commemorative stone was inaugurated. It remains the centre of the memorial today.

Housed under the Memorial is a crypt which was decorated by the artist Fernand Leger. The three mosaics represent three religions: Judaism, Protestantism and Catholicism.

Un centre de référence sur la seconde guerre mondiale
Un centre de référence sur la seconde guerre mondiale